Nov 18

Kinky Family Bio

✨The #KinkyFamilyMembers✨
💥welcome to the #KinkyFamily💥

We aim to please.

The members.

We start with the #KinkyFamily Hub @FiftyKS_RPG keep your eyes open as you will see updates here.

@KinkyCarrickG The best attorney in Seattle, the ‘old man’ of the family “he says so himself” happily married to @kinky_drgtgrey and she is the best Paediatric Doctor in Seattle. They have their eldest son @KinkyElGrey middle son @KinkyCTGrey and the baby of the family @KinkyMiaTGrey.

@KinkyElGrey runs Grey’s Constructions and is engaged to @KinkyKateKavan1 Ana’s best friend.

@KinkyCTGrey Christian is working on leaving his deep dark fucked up fifty side behind, Ana is his angel.
He owns multiple companies/ businesses including GEH The richest man in seattle, Christian is happily married @kinkyAnaGrey with #Teddy on the way, Ana owns GPE&P and works on the publishing side. She works with @KinkyKateKavan1 running the editing side and @KinkyPastsy the photography side.

@KinkyMiaTGrey the baby sister of the family back from Paris and her boyfriend is @KinkyEthanKavan Kate’s brother.

@KinkyJTaylor is the head of Christian’s security. He is married to @KinkyMrsGTaylor their daughter is the very cute @k_sophietaylor and they have #Spud on the way.
Gail has worked closely for Christian for the past 6 years.

Anastasia’s Mom is @Kinkycarla_S she has been separated from @Kinkyraysteele Ana’s Dad for some time now. They have finally got their relationship back on track.

@KinkyElena A dark secret is hidden between Elena and Christian but they have come to the mutual decision of not letting this out. Dominant and mother to be, Elena is a working partner of Christian.

@KinkyGiaMatteo Architect works along side Elliot, has helped on most of Christian’s properties. Gia is in a very close relationship with @kinkyzac

Christian’s PT @Kinky_Mr_Claude very loyal, hates getting his ass kicked, his girlfriend is @kinkybeth she works along side Claude as a fitness instructor and also as the receptionist.

JCs training complex, opening soon, @KinkyJTaylor runs the training of new recruits to the security team.Claude manages the fitness side.

@KinkyJFlynnMD is the loyal Psychiatrist to Christian and a longterm family friend, his Fiancée is @kinkyHannah
Hannah is Ana and Kates PA at GPE&P

Christian’s security team.

The most loyal and trusted of six years, the head of security @KinkyJTaylor @KinkyLukeSawyer and @Kinky_Prescott work beside JT

The PAs

@KinkyAndrea was the long term PA for Christian, due to her mother falling ill she had to leave, she will be missed at GEH.

@KinkyOlivia has progressed from internship and is a full time PA now, she will also have the responsibility of training any new interns.

@KinkyLucy_ is @KinkyElGrey’s PA at Grey’s Constructions.

@KinkyHannah is @KinkyAnaGrey and @KinkyKateKavan1’s PA

@Kinky_Gretchen house keeper at the #GreysManor working for @KinkyCarrickG and @kinky_drgtgrey.

Lara is Seattle’s leading Obstetrician/Gynaecologist she helped save Christian when he was found many years ago. a close family friend to the Grey’s

@KinkyMonkey11 the #KinkyFamily Pet, loved family member of the Grey’s, Naughty but very funny. Saphy or Saffron if she is trouble.
Boyfriend is #buddy

@KinkyWeddings Elsa Lavar a very beautiful person with all the work in binding lives together.

The one that will never return, that he hurt so many with his antics he tried but failed @kinkyhyde.

This is the #KinkyFamily “So far” there is always roles coming open, keep watching.


Oct 27


We have been running now for sometime and are extremely proud of our family and the dedication of all of our characters.

We take the time to bring you something different to the rest of the RPG’s We aim to be fun and friendly, but at the same time to bring you new and exciting storylines.

Recently we have been criticised for introducing new characters and not staying true to the origianl book. We believe that the books have been done - You all know the story behind  Christian, Ana and the rest of the characters. Therefore we want to bring you different story’s which include all of our characters - the ongoing story - what happened after the book ended.

We are different - like it or not!!! We won’t be changing just on the whim of a few.

As the hub - we are both proud and pleased with all the positive feedback we get.

We couldn’t continue without the backing of our fans so its a BIG - THANK YOU to you all

You will notice that as a family we use the hashtag (#) when talking about our kinkyfamily and kinkyfriends - This is individual to the kinkyfamily and not by any other group. This is how  you will recognise us

Any comments / feedback or any ways you think we can make improvements will be gratefully recieved.

Thanks to you all

Oct 9

Kinky Family Rules of RP

Rules of Role Play (RP)

1 When you are on the main timeline (TL) you MUST stay in character all the time don’t talk about your real life (RL). The followers are there to escape from RL just like the rest of us and they believe in the characters and the story. So involve them and chat to them as your character. Do not Role Play with the followers, especially if you are in a RP relationship this can be upsetting for all concerned. We are there as a family and we only RP with each other.
It is ok to talk to the followers and be a bit flirty BUT THATS ALL!
Whilst family members are in RP - please don’t engage them in conversation or tag them in posts. Otherwise they will end up being spammed and it is difficult to keep up. Also when you are in a RP do not have another conversation going on with any other family member or follower - This is bad manners.
2 Confidentiality is paramount you do not reveal any information about another role player (RP) to either fellow RP or followers. If you chose to reveal your own identity that’s up to you but no personal info should be given out.
Likewise you can still RP with the family on your personal twitter account but keep your ID to yourself
Its is advisable that you do not give your personal information out to anyone!

3 All storylines(SL) will be agreed but the owners of the group. RPers will not carry out a SL without passing it by us first.
Day to day and small SL’s are ok but if in doubt ask us - We will aim for everyone to be involved in a SL - we are willing to accept ideas from you guys too. Please forward any ideas to the family email
Do not discuss any of our SL’s with outsiders or other RPG families - anyone known to be doing this will be asked to leave.

4 We don’t want drama’s within the family. If you have an issue with either a fellow RP’er or followere please tell us and we will sort it. We will not accept or tolerate any bullying or abusive behaviour within the group. As a family we have built up a good reputation and we will not tolerate this being marred in any way. Therefore please DO NOT make comments about any other RPG - if you have an issue bring it to us.

5.Your RL must always come first. If you are not ably to get on every day that’s fine but let us know if you are away for long periods we can fit a SL around your absence.
We do expect you to make an appearance on your account at least every 2-3 days.

8 We are all on different time zones so bear that in mind when planning RP
These rules will be subject to change from time to time.

The Kinky Family

The #kinkyfamily is a fun and friendly RP group find us on twitter at @fiftyKS_RPG.

Based mainly in the UK we have all been brought together by our love of the Fifty Shades of Grey books and everything associated with it

We use the original characters and continue telling the story of Christian and Ana from the end of the books and onwards

Our storylines are all original to us and we play out the lives of all the characters found in the FSOG books………..

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